Hi Joni-
Cricket has continued to do better since your training session last Sunday.  She has learned to relax for longer periods during the day without attention.  I’ve been working on not giving her attention/petting, etc., unless she is behaving.  This has made a HUGE difference in both of our lives–she needed to learn to be calm, & I needed to have a life without CONSTANTLY redirecting the obsessive pouncing behavior.  She is still pouncing, but we continue to keep her on her leash & correct and re-direct this behavior.
She is doing well w/Jolly Ball play.  She hasn’t bolted once since we started doing this.  She “mini-bolts”–runs just a bit away in that bolting way, but then she comes right back & either engages in the Jolly Ball play again or lies down.
She’s doing much better on not pulling during her walks.  She still distracts easily at the sight of children, cars, dogs, squirrels, pretty much anything that moves.  But, she’s improving w/the use of the backward walking.  I’m hoping that soon she’ll learn to relax and enjoy the walks more.