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Pre is doing great.  I just had some folks over last night and he was significantly better.  We still have not gotten to the place where he is welcoming of new people and doesn’t need direction but the last month has been busy and I haven’t had people over to work on things too too often.  I moved to a different apartment and Pre has done pretty well here.  There is a very large park across the street and I have been working with him on walking off leash.  I’ve been amazed how much well he seems to respond to my direction now.  I need to email you with some additional questions but right now I can’t think of any.  While everything isn’t solved, things are much better and I can’t see any way they won’t continue to get better.  Thanks again.


Dear Joni,

I wanted to send you a BIG thank you! The things that you showed me have made such a HUGE difference, even in 24 hrs! There has been a noticeable shift in the balance at our home and I really feel like we are on the fast track to regaining positive balance and harmony in our home!

Here are some of the highlights of the last 24 hrs:

The Cats: They have noticed the shift and feel more free to do their usual kitty things… they come out for cuddles more often, lounge in the middle of the floor belly up with out worry of harassment, and my oldest cat, Alexis who HATED Naoma, actually let her (dog) sniff her (cat) with out hissing or trying to bat at her. AND last night Alexis felt comfortable enough to snuggle with us in bed which she hasn’t done since the day we brought Naoma home! My littlest cat, Lulu who is a tiny thing (she was a runt) and used to be afraid of Naoma actually likes to walk by her now and give her a timid little lick this morning! Seriously, not kidding!

Bedtime: We didn’t even have an issue with the bed AT ALL! Both the dogs decided that it wasn’t worth the hassle and slept on the floor. Dave and I had the whole bed to ourselves! Couch: the dogs are catching on quick and Naoma even asked me first this am before jumping on the couch…WOW!

Sharing: We are making BIG progress! Yesterday afternoon the dogs and I went to the pet store to get their collars. As we were loading up the cars with dogs, Naoma hung back intentionally to let Holmie jump in the car first! Wow! I even caught the two of them snuggling this afternoon. They each got a beef swizzle stick which is their very most favorite treat, and instead of taking Holmie’s, Naoma waited her turn politely and then took her toy over to the door, away from Holmie to eat her treat. No attempts at treat theft at all!

The Door: We are continuing to work on this and I for see huge success in the future.

The Walk: Naoma is walking on a looser leash. I am a little confused as to what to do if we encounter another dog. What is polite dog behavior? How should I handle the approach towards another dog? OH! And we walked past the old guy today (Naoma’s nemesis), and while it was an obvious mental challenge for her, she tried her best and I couldn’t have been prouder! No growling, barking, lunging, or snapping.

I just can’t thank you enough! It’s so wonderful being able to clearly express to my dogs what I expect from them and seeing their fantastic responses! I have two really great dogs! Thanks for showing me the way!

Monika T.

“Ike is doing wonderfully. He is probably a little better than 90% house trained now, he no longer pees in his crate (5 hours is the longest I’ve left him in there, but he has had no accidents) and he no longer fights me to get in or stay in the crate. When I go in the kitchen to grab my handbag and get my things together (before leaving the house to run errands), all I have to say is “crate” and he runs right in and sits down. It is amazing. A miracle. I never thought he’d get that good about the crate. But he sure has. And I really think it is due to the things you taught us in our session. I can’t thank you enough for the work you did with Ike and his crate issues. The complete 180 he has done is truly remarkable!

Thank you!!! ”

— Jenn

Hi Joni,

I just wanted to thank you again so much for your time a couple weeks ago. I definitely feel like I needed that second session. We are making good progress. Buddy seems to find “that (Zen) place” much easier when I have him lay down, it’s really amazing! When I come home, he will whine a little bit but soon head to his bed and lay down, becoming much calmer and quiet. I can also tell that he is more responsive to my commands as well. I’m also noticing a direct correlation between my energy and his. I can’t believe how sensitive he is to my state of mind! I try to give him what I need when I am anxious, exercise and direction. I continue to reward him w/ squeeze cheese or affection when he is in a calm state of mind. : )

All the best to you and your crew!

–Beth (& Buddy)

It was awesome! So far so good. I plan to go over all the details with Mike this evening, and the kids are already on board with no throwing toys and not letting the dogs crowd them at the door. I’m beginning to see some carry over already. Thanks for taking the clear objective view and bringing it to my attention. Leaving the house this morning was really a breeze! It’s ridiculous to think about how much more complicated I was making things when it was as simple as gaining their respect (which happens to be the number one big deal).


“Updates are always fun when things are going great at home. I still cannot believe the changes you have helped me make.

All four Basset hounds have been doing well together in the evenings when I am home with them…(no fighting)! Amazingly enough everything is going really well. Bella and Chloe play really hard when we are out at the dog park – running and grabbing at each other, however no fighting anymore so that is good.

When I walk Chloe and Bella now, I walk out the front door with both girls, they wait on the walkway together while I get leashes ready and no fights, no dirty looks, no nothing. They are just ready to walk! I think part of everything going so well is that I am relaxing more, am in control and realize that the girls are on a level below me. Chloe now sits and waits at the back door to be let in (no more jumping and banging on the door outside), As you have said, it is my door, my house!!

All I can say to WOO-HOO or rather WOOF WOOF things are looking up in my household.

I know that this work will be on going and that I must always be the pack leader – I am just thrilled to have peace back in the house.

Thank you so much for everything!!”


“Nothing but GOOD news to report!! Bailey is being a very good dog! She is actually letting Jason per her!! What a turnaround for her and us!! She is still on the leash when someone other than Lisa or I is in the house but rarely do we have to correct her. We are getting so much enjoyment from her ……she is really a loving dog (hard to believe since she wanted to devour most people just a short time ago).

Lisa and I are so thankful that you came into our lives. So at Thanksgiving this year you will be remembered for “saving” our precious Bailey. We appreciate you sharing your training tips SO MUCH.”

— Steve

“Words are so inadequate to try to express my thanks to you. In just one day I feel as if I finally have the tools and understanding I need to make Bandit the kind of dog he has always had the capability of being. Even though I may have to ask for help occasionally, I know how to be the “Queen Bee” around here now. I really appreciate the way you considered my limited mobility issues in the training too. Thank you for being such a great coach!”

— Jeri

Hi Joni,

I have been meaning to e-mail you. Things (with Jet) have been sooooo much better. Our walks have been awesome. We walk everyday and look for trouble, ha ha… Would you believe that we have not encountered one dog on a leash during our walks? So, I haven’t had the opportunity to fully practice my skills yet. We have walked by dogs in their yards either behind a wooden fence or an underground front yard barrier fence. Jet and KC still get a little anxious, but with a few corrections, we are able to walk right on by. These corrections are lessening each time we walk. We have also been working on who exits the door first and I am totally winning this battle, ha ha. Bolting out the door is also lessening when I am around. We still have trouble when the kids open the door. So….we bought the PetSafe Indoor barrier to help with this process. It had good reviews and will hopefully help with the training process. I have passed out your cards to potential clients and gave one to our Vet.

Anyway, as soon as we encounter a “dog on a leash” during our walks, I will let you know.

Thanks again for all your help and support. I can’t tell you how much stress and anxiety has been lifted off my shoulders.


Hi Joni-
Cricket has continued to do better since your training session last Sunday.  She has learned to relax for longer periods during the day without attention.  I’ve been working on not giving her attention/petting, etc., unless she is behaving.  This has made a HUGE difference in both of our lives–she needed to learn to be calm, & I needed to have a life without CONSTANTLY redirecting the obsessive pouncing behavior.  She is still pouncing, but we continue to keep her on her leash & correct and re-direct this behavior.
She is doing well w/Jolly Ball play.  She hasn’t bolted once since we started doing this.  She “mini-bolts”–runs just a bit away in that bolting way, but then she comes right back & either engages in the Jolly Ball play again or lies down.
She’s doing much better on not pulling during her walks.  She still distracts easily at the sight of children, cars, dogs, squirrels, pretty much anything that moves.  But, she’s improving w/the use of the backward walking.  I’m hoping that soon she’ll learn to relax and enjoy the walks more.


Hi Joni-
Thank you SO MUCH for working with us today. As I am typing, Cricket is laying at my feet–the picture of the perfect dog that has been hiding inside her all along.  I now have confidence that life holds promise for Cricket.  She has a chance!!!  What you do is so important; you literally save lives everyday.  I hope that you stop and really think about that from time to time.

(Newly acquired rescue Australian Shepherd) Hank is doing great; we see improvements every day. He is able to stay in the house off-leash and doesn’t chase the boys any more. He’s still afraid of  (my husband) Mark.   Mark walks him once a day, pets him, etc.   For some reason, it’s just going to take longer with him.


Karma and I have been doing quite well.  We still have problems sometimes but not as often and usually not as severe.  Actually a couple weeks ago we walked past another dog out on a walk going the opposite direction and didn’t have any trouble at all.  It helped that the dog was possibly the worlds oldest and calmest dog.  Still, that wouldn’t have happened a year ago, or even 6 months ago.  I’ve been trying to walk her closer to other dogs (only if the other dogs are at least relatively calm) and we have  been making some progress.  She still misbehaves a bit if we get too close to another dog that is excited or aggressive, but even then she listens better and we haven’t had any major problems for quite awhile.


“THANK YOU for everything.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you spending all the time with us and I learned SO much.  I would love to have a bunch of your business cards so I can refer people to you!  Chester is already responding beautifully!  We went for a 2-mile walk today and he did amazingly well.  Never before has he ever “stayed” like I’ve tried to teach him.  What you did yesterday enabled him to learn and today I literally walked 15 feet away from him and he did it and he stayed until I said ‘come here!  I was SO proud of him. He learned to walk just slightly behind me.  And at the end of the walk I made him sit at the end of the driveway while I walked up and entered the garage code and opened the door.  He did it!  He was EXHAUSTED yesterday evening!  Now I see what you mean about mental exercise wearing him out.  I am anxious to start working on more new things with you…

— Kim

I just wanted to extend a HUGE thank you for coming and working with us. We learned so much last night and we are going to try our very best to apply everything that we can.


Thanks for all the information. I couldn’t wait to tell you but I just got back from a walk with Tazzie and I tried out the “Yo-Yo” thing, (you know the back up thing), and guess what, it works.!. No pulling on her leash and no stress. By the end of the walk she was soooo good it was a real pleasure walking with her and I think she enjoyed it more too. I am so happy I can’t tell you. You were right she didn’t like going backward but it makes a difference. Even with people walking by. Thank you again for everything. I will keep working with her.”


“On behalf on my entire family, thank you for ALL of your time and effort yesterday. You gave us so many great tips and now we have a renewed hope for our future with Bailey! You are just simply AWESOME! Things are looking up for our family thanks to you! We will be in touch. Thanks again, Joni! ”

–Steve and Lisa

“Karma and I have both had a relatively good week. In fact a woman with a dog the size of a small horse that Karma hates was walking her dog while we were walking, and Karma didn’t completely lose her mind. The woman actually made a comment about how much better we were doing. Karma did get very alert and growled a little bit, but overall, she was a ton better. Still room to work, I know, but improvement is good. The other dog was probably 30 ft. away from her ( which with that particular dog is really close for Karma) and no blood was shed on me this time, so I’m feeling inspired. We’ll keep working on it!

— Amy

“A sincere thank you for all the effort and expertise you provided. Dakota is so much more settled, including pretty good behavior for several days while our son Clay was here. I do not think Dakota trusts Clay for some reason, but at least we kept him under control.

Dakota becomes more “domesticated”, playful and loving each week. We think he may be a Carolina dingo dog, as he fits every criteria physically and behaviorally. We watched a clip of a Carolina and one would swear it was Dakota.”

John and Carolyn