Hi Joni,

I have been meaning to e-mail you. Things (with Jet) have been sooooo much better. Our walks have been awesome. We walk everyday and look for trouble, ha ha… Would you believe that we have not encountered one dog on a leash during our walks? So, I haven’t had the opportunity to fully practice my skills yet. We have walked by dogs in their yards either behind a wooden fence or an underground front yard barrier fence. Jet and KC still get a little anxious, but with a few corrections, we are able to walk right on by. These corrections are lessening each time we walk. We have also been working on who exits the door first and I am totally winning this battle, ha ha. Bolting out the door is also lessening when I am around. We still have trouble when the kids open the door. So….we bought the PetSafe Indoor barrier to help with this process. It had good reviews and will hopefully help with the training process. I have passed out your cards to potential clients and gave one to our Vet.

Anyway, as soon as we encounter a “dog on a leash” during our walks, I will let you know.

Thanks again for all your help and support. I can’t tell you how much stress and anxiety has been lifted off my shoulders.