“Updates are always fun when things are going great at home. I still cannot believe the changes you have helped me make.

All four Basset hounds have been doing well together in the evenings when I am home with them…(no fighting)! Amazingly enough everything is going really well. Bella and Chloe play really hard when we are out at the dog park – running and grabbing at each other, however no fighting anymore so that is good.

When I walk Chloe and Bella now, I walk out the front door with both girls, they wait on the walkway together while I get leashes ready and no fights, no dirty looks, no nothing. They are just ready to walk! I think part of everything going so well is that I am relaxing more, am in control and realize that the girls are on a level below me. Chloe now sits and waits at the back door to be let in (no more jumping and banging on the door outside), As you have said, it is my door, my house!!

All I can say to WOO-HOO or rather WOOF WOOF things are looking up in my household.

I know that this work will be on going and that I must always be the pack leader – I am just thrilled to have peace back in the house.

Thank you so much for everything!!”