“Ike is doing wonderfully. He is probably a little better than 90% house trained now, he no longer pees in his crate (5 hours is the longest I’ve left him in there, but he has had no accidents) and he no longer fights me to get in or stay in the crate. When I go in the kitchen to grab my handbag and get my things together (before leaving the house to run errands), all I have to say is “crate” and he runs right in and sits down. It is amazing. A miracle. I never thought he’d get that good about the crate. But he sure has. And I really think it is due to the things you taught us in our session. I can’t thank you enough for the work you did with Ike and his crate issues. The complete 180 he has done is truly remarkable!

Thank you!!! ”

— Jenn