Dear Joni,

I wanted to send you a BIG thank you! The things that you showed me have made such a HUGE difference, even in 24 hrs! There has been a noticeable shift in the balance at our home and I really feel like we are on the fast track to regaining positive balance and harmony in our home!

Here are some of the highlights of the last 24 hrs:

The Cats: They have noticed the shift and feel more free to do their usual kitty things… they come out for cuddles more often, lounge in the middle of the floor belly up with out worry of harassment, and my oldest cat, Alexis who HATED Naoma, actually let her (dog) sniff her (cat) with out hissing or trying to bat at her. AND last night Alexis felt comfortable enough to snuggle with us in bed which she hasn’t done since the day we brought Naoma home! My littlest cat, Lulu who is a tiny thing (she was a runt) and used to be afraid of Naoma actually likes to walk by her now and give her a timid little lick this morning! Seriously, not kidding!

Bedtime: We didn’t even have an issue with the bed AT ALL! Both the dogs decided that it wasn’t worth the hassle and slept on the floor. Dave and I had the whole bed to ourselves! Couch: the dogs are catching on quick and Naoma even asked me first this am before jumping on the couch…WOW!

Sharing: We are making BIG progress! Yesterday afternoon the dogs and I went to the pet store to get their collars. As we were loading up the cars with dogs, Naoma hung back intentionally to let Holmie jump in the car first! Wow! I even caught the two of them snuggling this afternoon. They each got a beef swizzle stick which is their very most favorite treat, and instead of taking Holmie’s, Naoma waited her turn politely and then took her toy over to the door, away from Holmie to eat her treat. No attempts at treat theft at all!

The Door: We are continuing to work on this and I for see huge success in the future.

The Walk: Naoma is walking on a looser leash. I am a little confused as to what to do if we encounter another dog. What is polite dog behavior? How should I handle the approach towards another dog? OH! And we walked past the old guy today (Naoma’s nemesis), and while it was an obvious mental challenge for her, she tried her best and I couldn’t have been prouder! No growling, barking, lunging, or snapping.

I just can’t thank you enough! It’s so wonderful being able to clearly express to my dogs what I expect from them and seeing their fantastic responses! I have two really great dogs! Thanks for showing me the way!

Monika T.